Monday, September 21, 2015

Links for Families and Teachers

Alternatives to Family Dinner
Now that the school year is under way again, so too are the feelings of guilt for all the things we SHOULD be doing during this busy time. I have always loved the idea of family dinner but logistically it doesn't work well for our family. If we were able to make it happen we were all too spent to enjoy it. These sound like a great solution to getting that family time without the pressure of family dinner.

Make Dinnertimes Easier this School Year
And while you're at it,make dinnertime even easier with this advice. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a meal planned and all the ingredients come 5 pm. It's a pain on the day I have to make it but far less then the daily pain of trying to figure out what to put on the table!

It's Not You. It's Them.
Because sometimes we need to hear this, both parents and teachers!

Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins
Are you already moaning about school lunches like me? These are a great snack to toss in the lunchbox and they're healthy. You know, because they have bananas and peanut butter.

How I Find Time to Read
I found the school year makes self care more challenging as it can get lost in the shuffle and is easy to slough off when time is tight. Reading is my go to comfort time to unwind or zone out the crazy around me. Modern Mrs Darcy has some good advice for making that time happen.

How to Make the Most of Your Ten Minutes with the Teacher
Parent/teacher conferences are fast looming and I'm always frustrated with how little time we get with the teachers. It helps to come prepared with a plan.

Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child's Crappy Behavior
For behaviors of all age children, even adult!